About Us

Do you look forward to trekking, hiking and adventure trips every now and then?

If yes, then turn to Pioneer Gear for picking some of your favorite and fresh backpacks and hiking accessories!

We are your one stop destination for all types of adventure and outdoor gear & apparel!

Our Story

Pioneer Gear commenced its journey right at the beginning of 2016. We are an Australian owned and operated company that is dedicated to offering adventurers and trekkers with well designed, high quality adventure and outdoor gear. We want trekkers and adventure enthusiasts to be safe and experience comfort, no matter where they go.

Our love and passion for adventure gives us the much-desired push to design long-lasting, fresh and innovative adventure gear and apparel for modern Pioneers who want tested and appropriately designed gear for their expeditions or trips. Together with Pioneer Walks, we encourage adventure lovers and trekking as well as hiking enthusiasts, irrespective of their age or experience, to undertake outdoor expeditions and experience nature at its best. We love the beauty and offerings of nature and want to cherish and safeguard it for future generations. If you too want to play your part in protecting nature then leave no trace and take everything you took with you out with you too.

Why Pioneer Gear?

We simply love our gear and share your passion for undertaking fun and thrilling adventure trips or expeditions. Nothing in the world seems more amazing to us than nature, mountains, water and fresh breath of air. That’s exactly why we want to aid you in preparing well for your adventure and trekking expeditions. We know that you are always looking forward to unforgettable trekking, hiking and adventure trips, which is precisely why we use our skills and expertise to design durable, unique and exciting adventure apparel, gear and accessories exclusively for you.

So, if you’ve never been on an adventure & fun trip before or even if you are passionate traveler who loves exploring the nature and mountains, we strongly recommend that you scan our product categories and pick your preferred adventure gear and outdoor apparel today!