Father’s Day Gift Ideas – Gift’s For An Adventurous Dad

Are you looking for the perfect gift for dad this Father’s Day?

Every Dad is different so it’s hard to find the one gift that suits every father. Some Dads are easy to impress with a bottle of bourbon, while others are a little bit pickier.

If your dad is anything like the rest of the dads we know, he impulse buys everything he wants, so coming up with something new can be difficult.

Father’s day gift ideas should be based on something that your dad enjoys. For many Dads, that’s alcohol or anything fishing related. If you have an outdoor dad who spends lots of time exploring, then we’ve got some possible suggestions for you!

Outdoor Canvas Backpack

If your dad spends a lot of time outdoors bush walking, walking around the city or just travelling to and from work, you’ll probably notice that he uses a backpack every day. His old faithful one he has had for years is starting to get run down and although he probably hasn’t thought about it himself, he needs a new one!
He probably wants something that looks nice but is practical, that’s where the Pioneer Gear backpack comes into play. It’s made from canvas which although is not submersible, it’s water resistant. That means that light rain and accidentally dropping it in water won’t be the end of the world.  

Father's Day Gift Ideas

It has a laptop sleeve so your dad can use it for work and it’s also got padding on the back of the bag to protect the laptop. The straps are also padded just for comfort when hiking (It’s also breathable). It comes in both green and charcoal, so you can pick which colour is best for dad!

Head wear

Father’s day gift ideas like headwear is another thing that dad probably uses all the time but never really goes out and buys for himself. September is still cold enough to rock a beanie so for dad’s who aren’t fans of hats, can benefit from this. It comes in charcoal and is actually unisex (bonus if mum likes it too).

Father's day gift idea - Beanie

From dads who are hat fans, the Pioneer Gear cap is perfect. This cap is made from suede and on the brim and black cotton around the cap. It also features the classic leather patch to give it a timeless look. Bonus if dad likes both hats and beanies and bags, you’ve got his whole year covered!

Father's Day Gift Ideas


Memories, not material  

Father’s Day gift ideas don’t always need to be a physical gift. Sometimes it’s just nice to plan a day out for you and the family. This could be something like his favourite pub or restaurant to planning a weekend away.

Father's Day Gift Ideas - Hiking

If he’s an outdoorsy dad that likes hiking, take him out to explore somewhere new! Australia offers so many great landscapes that are just waiting to be explored. Take photo’s of you hiking to the bottom of stunning waterfalls or capture a shot of you both on the top of a mountain you just conquered. Sometimes the greatest gifts in life are free, these are memories that your dad will cherish forever.

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