Pioneer Gear now supporting PayItLater

Buy now and pay later, Pioneer Gear has partnered with PayItLater to bring you the option to buy from us and pay your purchase off over 8 weeks, all 100% interest-free!

The process is simple, select PayItLater at checkout and fill out your details with PayItLater. We will ship your order straight away, no need to wait for payments to be completed.

How it Works

When you select payitlater on checkout you will be presented with a form from payitlater to provide them with your details and payment set up. You will be sent back to the pioneer Gear website after payment with payitlater is finalised and we will prepare your order and send it to you the next business day.

Upon proceeding with payitlater you will pay your first instalment straight away, afterpay will then automatically deduct your next three payments on the scheduled dates until the full amount has been paid. You can choose to pay instalments early through your payitlater dashboard on their website, otherwise payments will proceed automatically. If a payment is missed or you don’t have the required funds available on a scheduled payment, payitlater will incur a late fee that will be paid on top of your payment schedule.Payitlater

Payitlater payments with a debit care are limited to $200 and credit cards are capped at $500. If you wish to make a purchase greater than this we suggest placing an order with payitlater up to this amount and a separate order with an alternate payment method.

You can find out more information about pay it later at their website