The Pioneer Gear Affiliate Program

The Pioneer Gear affiliate program aims to help bloggers and outdoor creatives to generate revenue through their work. The way it works is simple, you can apply to become an affiliate here; if your application is approved you will receive your login details where you can log into your affiliate dashboard on the pioneer gear website. From your dashboard you will receive your affiliate link that is attached to your account, you can use this link however you like or access website ads that we have pre-built for you. You can then place these ads on your own website, Instagram or where ever you engage with your audience.

Custom coupon codes can also be organised that are linked to your affiliate account, this works in the same way that the link works but may be used to give your audience a discount.

When someone clicks on your ad they are sent to the Pioneer gear website, from here we start tracking them to see if the customer you have referred makes a payment. If they do follow through with a payment then your account will be given a percentage of that purchase. The customer is marked so that if they leave the website but come back and make a purchase within 30 days of your reference then the payment still gets rewarded to you.

If you require any technical assistance in getting an affiliate ad onto your website we can organise our IT team to assist you with getting set up.

Every month we will send all the affiliates their months earning through paypal. You will be able to monitor your revenue through your account page from your affiliate login.

Currently the affiliate program is only offered in Australia.