Top 10 Counties You Must Visit Before You Die

Looking for the next place to explore for your latest adventure? There hundreds of places we’d recommend visiting but unfortunately we can see them all. We’ve narrowed it down to our top 10 places we think everyone should visit before they die. There is a bit of something for everyone from the environmentalist or just the lover of food and fashion.

  1. Antartica
    Antartica is somewhere you should be adding to your bucket list if it’s not already on there! If you are an animal enthusiast, you will be amazed by all the animals you can view in person (From a safe distance of course). Get up close and personal with penguins, seals, whales, and even some unique birds! You should visit Deception Bay which is a volcanic area which means the water is generally warmer here. Oh, did we mention that the largest Chin Strap penguin colony lives here?
    You also have the option to go kayaking and on the zodiac in some of the safer locations of Antartica with specalised tour groups. If you aren’t a fan of the cold, this might not be the place for you. If you have the time, volunteer to work at one of the research stations and learn more about the animals, geology and global warming.
  2. Iceland
    Iceland is a country that feels like it has it all. If you love nature and hiking, this truly is the country for you! Iceland has a large number of waterfalls that you can view, walk under, above, below or through. They literally come in all shapes and sizes and are just waiting for you to explore them. This country has glaciers, icebergs, volcanos, and even thermal springs. Exploring Iceland almost feels like you are exploring Mars, just on earth.
    You can swim between tectonic plates, go inside volcanos, see the northern lights or see a Geysir in real life. Swim in many of the thermal springs and hotpots around the country and be sure to swim at the iconic blue lagoon. Make sure you save plenty of money for this place, it really is the most expensive country in the world! Also be sure to do a Puffin tour if you like birds!

  3. South Africa
    South Africa is somewhere any animal enthusiast should visit. This country has so many unique animals and a safari tour lets you get up close and personal. Although South Africa has a bit of a reputation for being dangerous, it’s really not so bad, especially if you plan a tour.
    There are also many great hikes you can do here that overlook the ocean or some of the major cities. Table Mountain is a great hike which you can catch a cable car down from or check out Lions Head in Capetown for another fantastic walk! You can also add wine tours in Capetown to your list, helicopter rides, and hot air balloons too! If you are feeling incredibly adventurous and brave, try cage diving with a great white shark!
  4.  Canada
    Canada is perfect for anyone who loves hiking or skiing. Some of the most popular places to visit are the Jasper, Banff and Stanley National Parks. Moraine Lake is another popular spot to visit, it’s a glacier-fed lake with pristine clear blue water, one of the many iconic scenes of Canada. Take a walk along the Capilano Suspension Bridge, visit the Athabasca Glacier or some of the many incredible waterfalls the country has to offer.
    You have the option to ski or snowboard at one of the many ski fields in the country, some of which are open all year round. One of our biggest recommendations of something to see an do in Canada is to visit Berg Lake where it overlooks Mount Robson, the largest mountain in the Rockies Trust us, you won’t regret this trip!
  5. Turkey
    There has been a recent incline in the number of people visiting Turkey in recent years. Australians occasionally visit Istanbul but never often venture out much further than this. It’s a shame because they are really missing out on a stunning country! Our absolute favourite spot in Turkey is Pamukkale, a mineral-rich thermal water city with it’s neighboring surround full of Roman history, even with ancient buildings preserved. This is nature combined with history, some peoples form of heaven. Other historical areas we’d highly recommend is Lycia, Mount Nemrut or Derinkuyu underground city. Another highlight of Turkey is watching the sunrise or set in a hot air balloon over the city of Cappadocia. Don’t skip instanbul either, just remember to venture out!
  6. Japan
    Japan is like no other country in the world for its tech. This country is known for being one of the leading innovators for emerging technological advancements in the world and we love it for this reason alone. Feel like you’ve just stepped in 2050 (probably 2080 by the time it hits Australia). Here you can literally be served by robots that look like humans! If you like nature, mt fuji is a must or visit the country during the cherry blossom season! Don’t forget to visit Lake Kawaguchi while there for beautiful views of Mt Fuji in the distance or see the bamboo forests at Arashiyama (they have monkeys there!).
  7.  Norway
    Nature lovers rejoice, Norway will blow you all away. This country is the all about renewable and sustainable energy and we love that! Expect to see millions of electric cars on the road and automatic mowers, it feels like the future!
    Norway has gorgeous fjords, who doesn’t love those? Here you will also find a number of incredible hikes from short walks to overnight adventures. There are plenty of snowfields here and one of our favourite things about this country is the Northern Lights. You get to see some incredible animals here in addition to all of that. Even take a boat ride to Svalbard and see polar bears in their natural habitat. Everything about this country is gorgeous and expect to be astounded by the number of waterfalls. You’ll probably stop pointing them out along the way because there are so many.

  8. America
    We’ve added America to the list despite their political state because there are so many beautiful things to see and do here. You can visit the city that never sleeps which is New York if you are into fashion and fast-paced, busy environments. Love casinos? Las Vegas is the stop for you. Our favourite thing about America apart from all of the large proportions of deep fried food would have to be nature. The Grand Canyon is one of the must see’s for this place! The canyon stretches out of 445kms and is 1,857ms deep and 29kms wide. This stunning formation is one reason to visit America alone! While your here exploring, don’t forget to check Yosemite National Park and Yellow Stone off your list! If nature isn’t your thing, hit up Disneyland to let out your inner child!
  9.  New Zealand
    Love Nature? New Zealand is one of the forefront places you must visit! It’s like a miniature Iceland but closer to home and much cheaper. Here you have the option to see volcanos, walk on a glacier, hike mountains, bushwalk without worrying about being bitten by a snake, swim in ice-cold water or take a scenic cruise through a fjord. Love adrenaline? Queenstown is for you! From the largest bungee bumping spot in the world to the incredible Nevis swing, there is something here to scare even the biggest thrill seeking adrenaline junkies about!
  10. Australia
    You also don’t need to travel to the other side of the world to see mesmerising places. Australia is full of dream spots to visit and a vast diversity of landscapes. Visit deserts, waterfalls, beaches, small towns or major cities. We have seasonal snowfields, mountains to hike and arguably the most unique flora and fauna in the world. You may not get to see all of what our beautiful country has to offer but it’s worth exploring. If you like hiking, Pioneer Walks offers you some great walks and swimming spots around Australia. Our recommendation to really see Australia is to convert a van into a car or buy a cheap camper and travel the country. Take at least a month of work and hit the open road. Want action? Visit QLD. Love fashion? Melbourne’s the place for you. Want to see the outback? Hit up Alice Springs, Bourke or Coober Pedi where everyone lives underground to escape the heat. You will honestly find something to please everyone here.